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The Return of Abaddon  (2022)

The Scars of Hiraeth, Book 1


Wilder’s epic journey began at what almost was the end.

Sprawled out on the ground in disbelief and staring at the burning wreckage of the helicopter, he sees his mother’s lifeless eyes staring back at him.  As he lies there grief-stricken, something strange happens.  Wilder suddenly finds himself somewhere else, lying in a dirt circle surrounded by large stone pillars.


No longer on Earth, he’s told of a prophecy that changes everything.  Abaddon, an ancient being who came to conquer this world 2,000 years earlier, was defeated and driven back to his home by the mighty phoenixes.  But he’s back once again, and Wilder is Hiraeth’s only hope. 


A pair with unique magic will befriend him.  A royal guard captain will protect him.  Assassins will try to kill him.  Wilder departs on a desperate quest to search for allies before Abaddon realizes he’s still alive and sets out to destroy him and his new world.

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Book cover for The Return of Abaddon, Book 1 in The Scars of Hiraeth fantasy series, indie author Peter Mooren

A Surprising Ally



Wilder Raigon embraced his prophesied destiny and forged a secret alliance with the king and queen of Darillia.  Then something unexpected happened when he and his friends embarked on a quest to find the reclusive Cade Allard--they met Shea . . . a powerful ally with a startling secret.

But now Abaddon knows that Wilder survived and is in Hiraeth.  Concern for how the ancient being might respond--especially if he were to unleash the deadly fiendlings--leads Wilder and his allies to risk trusting King Xane.  Together, they hatch a bold and dangerous plan to draw Abaddon's attention.

Determined to face the growing threats, Wilder leaves the hidden sanctuary behind alongside his formidable companions.  But are they prepared for what awaits them?

Book cover for A Surprising Ally, Book 2 in The Scars of Hiraeth fantasy series, indie author Peter Mooren

The Scars of Hiraeth, Book 2

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