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Peter Mooren's Biography


Pete’s passion and wit are nearly always on display. Another way to put that is he can be a bit intense and fiery, but it’s offset by a smashingly remarkable sense of humor (some might make the dastardly claim that dad jokes aren’t funny, but those people would be wrong). Whether resulting from his hearty laugh that “the entire neighborhood can hear” or an allegedly frequent colorful expression, Pete’s wife has been known to turn red from embarrassment on occasion.


Born and raised just outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin, Pete speaks Packers and Upper-Midwesterner fluently. Thanks in part to his decade plus spent in the Army (enlisted and then officer via West Point) after high school, he’s lived in many places around the country and world since then. His favorite, by far, was in Costa Rica during his post-Army days. In a tiny Pacific coastal town with no vehicle, Pete and his family embraced the Pura Vida life. The beach, the ocean, the sunsets, and the Ticos were unforgettable, and it was the perfect place for him to begin pursuing his dream of writing.


Pete currently resides in northeast Florida with his wife, two sons, daughter, two doodles, and two cats that resembles a glorified petting zoo where some are prone to howling and biting (thankfully, the kids always apologize afterward).

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