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I'm super stoked to announce that I have officially signed with Liquid Mind Publishing! They will be publishing my epic fantasy series, The Scars of Hiraeth, in its entirety, including relaunching the first two books (The Return of Abaddon and A Surprising Ally) I've already self-published. The plan is to write and publish one book each year, with the seventh and final book scheduled to release in late 2027.

I'd like to give a special shout out to Steve Gilmore for the initial introduction. Steve is a friend and fellow author who has published several books with LMP in the urban fantasy genre. Please check them out!

Feeling grateful and looking forward to this new partnership!

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  • Pete

I'm super excited about receiving a Five-Star Editorial Review from R.C. Gibson of Indies Today for The Return of Abaddon, Book One in The Scars of Hiraeth epic fantasy series.

Some of the major highlights:

"A dazzling foray into a luminous magical realm, The Return of Abaddon is the ultimate adventure story!"

"Clever wordplay with names and places will guide the emotions of readers, adding depth and an inherent sense of familiarity to a story that spans multiple realms."

"Earnest and engaging, The Return of Abaddon is a terrific start in what promises to be an epic fantasy saga."

Please click the badge below to see the full review.

Indies Today five-star recommended badge

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  • Pete

Thanks to Timy from Queens Book Asylum for the opportunity to experiment with a fun and challenging writing exercise. This is the first time I've written in this style, and I hope Brandon Sanderson would approve.

I tried to capture Alcatraz's voice from Sanderson's Evil Librarians series. For those familiar with this particular series, I believe you'll find my writing very similar. For those only familiar with Sanderson's other works, you're in for a very different writing style. And for the rest of you, go into it with an open mind. Either way, click the link below. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Also, go read Brandon Sanderson's Evil Librarians series for light, fun, teen kinda read!

Link to Peter Mooren's Stuck in the Pages writing assignment

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