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Peter Mooren

Award-Winning Fantasy Author

Latest Release

A Surprising Ally
The Scars of Hiraeth, Book Two
(November 2022)



Wilder Raigon embraced his prophesied destiny and forged a secret alliance with the king and queen of Darillia.  Then something unexpected happened when he and his friends embarked on a quest to find the reclusive Cade Allard--they met Shea . . . a powerful ally with a startling secret.

But now Abaddon knows that Wilder survived and is in Hiraeth.  Concern for how the ancient being might respond--especially if he were to unleash the deadly fiendlings--leads Wilder and his allies to risk trusting King Xane.  Together, they hatch a bold and dangerous plan to draw Abaddon's attention.

Determined to face the growing threats, Wilder leaves the hidden sanctuary behind alongside his formidable companions.  But are they prepared for what awaits them?

Book cover for A Surprising Ally, Book 2 in The Scars of Hiraeth fantasy series, indie author Peter Mooren

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Award Winner

The Return of Abaddon
The Scars of Hiraeth, Book One
(March 2022)

Wilder’s epic journey began at what almost was the end.


Sprawled out on the ground in disbelief and staring at the burning wreckage of the helicopter, he sees his mother’s lifeless eyes staring back at him.  As he lies there grief-stricken, something strange happens.  Wilder suddenly finds himself somewhere else, lying in a dirt circle surrounded by large stone pillars.


No longer on Earth, he’s told of a prophecy that changes everything.  Abaddon, an ancient being who came to conquer this world 2,000 years earlier, was defeated and driven back to his home by the mighty phoenixes.  But he’s back once again, and Wilder is Hiraeth’s only hope. 


A pair with unique magic will befriend him.  A royal guard captain will protect him.  Assassins will try to kill him.  Wilder departs on a desperate quest to search for allies before Abaddon realizes he’s still alive and sets out to destroy him and his new world.

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Speak-up Talk Radio Firebird Book Award Winner seal
Book cover for The Return of Abaddon, Book 1 in The Scars of Hiraeth fantasy series, indie author Peter Mooren

Won First Place in three categories (Fantasy, Magical Realism, and Metaphysical Fantasy) in the Speak Up Talk Radio 2022 Firebird Book Awards!

Welcome to my author's page!

Here you'll find all things related to my published books.  I'm currently working on Book Three, Shattered Fate, due out in late summer/early fall, 2024.

Well-crafted series starter.

~ Erin Dydek,

It's always exciting to finish a good book that leaves you desperate for more! In this first installment of The Scars of Hiraeth series, Mooren left me reeling in the possibilities and excited about the future trials and battles. He satisfactorily set the stage for the series by crafting the perfect chemistry between Wilder and his company of magic users and warriors, outlining the motives of the kingdoms, and depicting the sheer power of Abaddon himself. Wilder and Ethan kept the story lighthearted with their antics, while Iris kept the team focused. Myra and Tahlen brought an air of maturity and wisdom to the group, and I loved watching each company member grow as circumstances tested their abilities.

The author put an extensive effort into developing Wilder's interactions with two of the kingdoms, while the king of the third kingdom added a sense of mystery to the novel. King Xane was one of my favorite characters, and I loved how he drove the story with his unexpected actions. I can't wait to see what role he plays as the series continues! And, of course, there was Abaddon. The reader witnesses the depths of his dark side and the extensive efforts he has made in his 2000-year absence; it quickly convinced me that Wilder has an enormous obstacle to overcome before peace reigns in Hiraeth.

I loved exploring the magic talents of the main characters, supporting characters, and enemies. My favorite part about the magic use in this book was the specific rules that the author put in place to add limitations. These limitations made it possible for the characters to test the boundaries and find new ways to use their magic without the magic becoming a convenient plot device that made it too easy for the good guys to succeed.

I'd recommend this fantasy tale to readers who enjoy quest stories with magic, mystery, and medieval weaponry. This book had a cliffhanger ending leading into book two, so it may not be a good fit if you are looking for a standalone novel. The battle scenes were violent but lacked the specific details to make them gory. There was mild profane language throughout the book but no sexual or erotic content. This book would be well-suited for young adult or adult readers looking for a story similar to Eragon by Christopher Paolini.

Wilder is an intelligent and well-reasoned young man who has never let his disease define him. Though living with the emotional agony caused by an absent father and the physical burden of multiple sclerosis, his scholarly mind and loyal spirit stand him in good stead. When his high school graduation trip ends in a deadly helicopter crash, Wilder wakes up in a realm not his own. Though it sounds like something torn from the pages of a fantasy novel, Wilder discovers his wild new reality as he gets a crash course in Hiraeth’s history. A powerful conqueror named Abaddon once threatened the people of the kingdoms, but was defeated and driven away for millennia. Now, he is back with a vengeance and the timing is not coincidental. Wilder is the key to a 200-year-old prophecy that refers to Abaddon’s return. Overwhelmed by the recent loss of his mother and the implications of his arrival in Hiraeth, Wilder’s heartbreak is softened when he learns that his father did not callously abandon his family so many years ago. Motivated by hope and spurred on by new friends, Wilder sets out to find his father and save a world he was always destined to be a part of. But Abaddon’s fearsome reputation was forged in blood long ago, and he will do whatever is necessary to stop Wilder, Hiraeth’s last bastion of defense.

A dazzling foray into a luminous magical realm, The Return of Abaddon is the ultimate adventure story! Audiences are ushered into a world where phoenixes rise from the ashes and fiendlings do the bidding of their masters. Magic is introduced in many ways, including interdimensional travel via magical portals, a range of unique gifts, and even the ability to manipulate time. Clever wordplay with names and places will guide the emotions of readers, adding depth and an inherent sense of familiarity to a story that spans multiple realms. True, the early parts of the story are thick with exposition as the author dedicates much space to orienting audiences to the intricacies of a distinctive new world. However, the complex backstory is only a tiny piece of the action, adventure, tension, and suspense in this first installment in the series, The Scars of Hiraeth. Relationship dynamics and character development are paramount, particularly with such a shrewdly crafted antagonist. Abaddon poses a menace to friend and foe alike, an element that gives rise to many opportunities for tenuous alliances and plotted double-crosses. Earnest and engaging, The Return of Abaddon is a terrific start in what promises to be an epic fantasy saga.

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About Peter Mooren

Pete’s passion and wit are nearly always on display. Another way to put that is he can be a bit intense and fiery, but it’s offset by a smashingly remarkable sense of humor (some might make the dastardly claim that dad jokes aren’t funny, but those people would be wrong). Whether resulting from his hearty laugh that “the entire neighborhood can hear” or an allegedly frequent colorful expression, Pete’s wife has been known to turn red from embarrassment on occasion.

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