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Fun Author Interview About The Return of Abaddon!

I recently had the pleasure of talking about The Return of Abaddon, the first book in my fantasy series, The Scars of Hiraeth, in a podcast conducted by a fellow Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off (better known as SPFBO) contest participant/author. Speaking about my characters resulted in quite an interesting interview.

We delved into a variety of topics, but each time I discussed my characters or further books, the feed cut out on my end. I sat three feet from my 1GB router and had full bars throughout the entire author interview, including when the feed cut and buffered. When I read the first two chapters of my book, everything worked great.

Apparently, my characters really did not want me to talk about certain things! So now I'm hoping they'll let me in on what they want to happen with the rest of the series. I might have to record myself talking out loud about them, then play back the recording to listen for any hidden messages.

Anyway, the whole thing made for quite a fun interview. Check it out at one of the links below!

Fantasy, Lore, & More podcast interview with Peter Mooren, fantasy author of The Return of Abaddon

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